Aluminium Foil Dubai
The Best Household Uses for Aluminum Foil

The Best Household Uses for Aluminum Foil Dubai

Touted for its lightweight and anti-corrosive properties, aluminum foil in UAE is one of the biggest household names on the market, and for a good reason. Aluminum foil’s flexible but tough structure makes it ideal for wrapping irregular items or making shapes to help you in your daily chores. Below is a list of the best household uses for aluminum foil, guaranteed to make your life easier.

Linen Cabinets and Drawers

Lining your cabinets and drawers with aluminum is perfect for reflecting light into the dark corners of your cabinet, where harmful bacteria can easily grow. Not only that but depending on where you place the lining, you can also protect the area of the placement too. Foil Dubai is easy to clean with a simple damp sponge.

Clean the Grill

Here is a simple trick: instead of cleaning your grill with a brush (which can leave behind unwanted metal fibers in your food) try rolling up a ball of aluminum, and scrub away. The roll of aluminum will make quick work out of even the toughest stains. The uneven surface as well as the sharp edges of the aluminum will grind your rust into piece. When using aluminum in this manner, you are also avoiding the possibility of metal fibers winding up in your food.

Conceal your credit card

If you travel with your wallet and credit card in your pocket, there is always a chance a con artist can steal your information. One notable way being through scanning your RFID chip, which has gained popularity in recent years. To protect yourself, try wrapping your credit card in a piece of aluminum foil to deflect the scanner and say goodbye to pesky con artists.

Scare Away Birds

You might enjoy the company of birds in your backyard or kitchen window, but if you are growing important fruits and vegetables in your backyard, then you might want to reconsider these guests. To keep birds away from tomorrow’s dinner, try hanging strips of foil UAE in your tree which will keep them away.

Soften hard sugar

Looking to bust out the brown sugar for your next cookie recipe? If you have not used your brown sugar for a while, chances are it can get stuck together. Fortunately, you can wrap aluminum foil around the sugar and toss in a 350-degree oven for five minutes to break those stubborn bonds.


No matter what the task may be, you should always consider if whether or not aluminum foil last UAE can be used to help make your life easier. There are plenty more house job hacks than just the ones listed above and you will be surprised the difference a little bit of aluminum foil can make in your life when used properly.

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