Aluminium Foil Dubai
Highlight And Dye Your Hair At Home Using Aluminum Foil

When people think of aluminum foil, they usually think of the kitchen right away.  Most people associate aluminum foil with cooking, baking, wrapping food, or anything else food related for that matter.

What they probably forgot was that there are many applications to aluminum foil in everyday life.  Especially in hair design.


How To Use Aluminum Foil To Achieve Beautiful Hair

Aluminum Foil Dubai is an essential tool for hairdressers all around the world.  They constantly use it to highlight people’s hair, and perform much more beauty procedures.  Many people see this method on T.V, or may see beauticians use this method of hair dye at the salons, but very few people actually know how the process works, and how they can do it themselves at home.  By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly how to use aluminum foil to colour your hair.

Did you know that other than highlighting your hair, you could be using tin foil for the following procedures?


-Colouring most of your hair, leaving just a few spots of natural colour (kind of like a reverse highlighting)

-Covering sections of your hair to prevent colour from reaching it, or to protect it from certain dyes

-Add in extra snippets of bleached or coloured hair

-Fill in the roots of your hair, where your natural colour is starting to grow out and show again

The reality is, aluminum foil Dubai is a miracle invention in the hairdressing world.  It’s an amazing tool that’s used for multiple procedures that can provide an amazing look for all types of clients.  Master the use of aluminum foil in hairdressing, and you might be able to start your own salon too!

You’re about to learn the proper way to use foil on your hair. After that you’ll learn about all the cool tricks and different colouring schemes you can do after all the foil is put in place.


Is Using Aluminum Foil Possible?

The use of standard aluminum foil is perfectly safe for your hair.  Just remember to make sure that your choice of hair dye that you will be using to colour your hair mentions that it is compatible with aluminum foil.  If it isn’t, there should be a warning sign on the back of the box stating specifically not to use the product with aluminum foil.  If it doesn’t, you should be all set to go!  If in some case you’re not able to use aluminum foil, you could always opt in for wax paper.  But that’s a story for another time.  Right now you’re going to learn how to use reliable aluminum foil to do the trick.


What Thickness Of Aluminum Foil Should You Use?

Aluminum foil Dubai comes in different sizes and thickness.  The best way to ensure your highlights go according to plan is to find foil that is thick enough and tough enough to withstand the chemicals that you’ll be using on your hair.  The best way to make sure your foil holds up is to fold the aluminum foil about 3 centimeters down on the end that will make contact with the roots of your hair.  This keeps the end of the aluminum foil strong and will keep the dye safely contained in the foil.


The Best Way To Cut The Foil

Before starting, you should cut the foil into smaller sized strips according to the length of hair you’re going to colour. Most of the time the strips should be cut to around 10–13 centimeters wide and 20–30 cm long. For really long hair procedures, you can use two separate pieces of foil to cover the length of the hair, instead of folding the foil like we’ve previously stated.

You should generally use foil that around twice the length of the hair you wish to colour, but the hair will need to fit inside the foil at all costs. But make sure not to bend the hair, because it might cause gaps in hair colour.


Bleaching Hair

If you want to touch up your bleached hair, or you want to lighten other parts of your hair, or simply add more bleached sections, then you can use this method hair stylist’s call the “exclusion” method.  This technique is used to protect hair from being damaged from the chemicals of bleach.

No matter what the task may be, you should always consider if whether or not aluminum foil last UAE can be used to help make your life easier. There are plenty more house job hacks than just the ones listed above and you will be surprised the difference a little bit of aluminum foil can make in your life when used properly.

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